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Easier Viewing On The iPhone

September 17, 2009

The next/previous buttons on picture viewing pages have been enlarged to 400% when the pages is being viewed on an iPhone or iPod Touch. This makes it much easier to select the buttons on your touchscreen without having to zoom in on the page.

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Properly Cropped Thumbnails

September 3, 2009

Thumbnails were not properly cropped before today, they were just stretched to a square shape on the gallery display page as you can see here:

Now all image thumbnails are cropped so that the gallery page will display more neatly without skewing the images. This change only applies to newly uploaded galleries, as you can see here:

This new thumbnailing method applies to all the upload methods (simple upload, java upload, zip upload). If you experience any troubles or find any bugs please do send your feedback to


Facebook Comments

September 2, 2009

Facebook users can now add comments to gallery and image pages, as you can see here:

In the future hopefully we can add some sort of “ownership” setting to galleries so that if you’re logged into facebook when you create a gallery you automatically become the comment administrator for that gallery (and receive comment notifications). In the meantime please report any comment abuse with details of the URL to

As always, please send any feedback to


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